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6G, the sixth generation of wireless connectivity, will be here before we know it.

We’re tracking its development.

6G Will Exist One Day

Though currently just a theoretical concept, the writing is already on the wall: 6G wireless networks will one day exist.

As leaders in telecommunications begin to unveil commercial 5G networks worldwide, some forward-thinking innovators have already announced intentions to begin the development of the next iteration of wireless networks. In late 2019, China stunned everyone by announcing plans to begin researching 6G immediately following the rollout of their 5G network.

To put into context how amazing that is, consider this: 4G came out around 2009. New York University’s innovative research center, NYU WIRELESS, started researching 5G in 2012.   

The race to 6G has started with the release of 5G… but what is 6G?

Does it mean unimaginably fast speeds? Ultra-smart devices? Internet in space? 

We’re asking those questions.

Here’s everything known so far.