Forget 5G – 6G is the Future

5G promises electrified speeds, super-low latency, plus the ability to move more data faster than imaginable – and its commercial rollout is happening. With 5G now a reality, the most forward-thinking minds in the world have turned their attention to what comes next.


5G is Amazing

What will Frontiers Will 6G Illuminate?

The sixth generation of wireless technology remains a vision that some believe will take a decade or more to realize. However, that hasn’t stopped anyone from laying out their vision of 6G to the world.

From Japan’s largest mobile operator to American universities and leading industry thinkers.

The Power of 6G

There are many speculations to what 6G will be capable of. These are just a few.

Extreme Data Rate and Capacity

6G will move data faster than imaginable, taking advantage of frequencies that cause us to rethink the spectrum.

Re-imagined Coverage

4G dramatically improved coverage around the world. 5G will make the Internet of Things practical. 6G may mean coverage across the borders of land, sea, and space.

Ultra-Massive Connectivity

The future is digital. Many expect that 6G will build on 5G’s ability to create a cohesive, smart environment filled with hyper-connected devices with precise sensing capabilities.

Isn’t it Crazy to Think About 6G Now?

It’s not just connectivity and data capabilities that are getting faster. Technological innovation is, too. The rush towards 6G reflects that accelerated pace.

It’ll be years before 5G revolutionizes our world – a slow implementation that many believe will lay the groundwork for the rapid adoption of 6G down the line.

We’re rethinking wireless connectivity.

It’s time to start rethinking the future.

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